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Ninja Tower Rentals

Bazooka Ball Saloon
Shooting Gallery

Why it would be cryin' shame to
let yer cow folks go without tryin'
out this here new shootin' game.
Atlanta Mechanical Bull Rentals
This here's the best Mechanical Bull Ride
in the South!
Mechanical Bull Rentals in Atlanta Ga
Come on y'all!  Go find yer cowboy hat and git ready to ride this here Mechanical Bull!

It don't matter if yer just a little cowpoke or a real rodeo cowboy or cowgirl 'cause we got 10
preset settings which lets our Mechanical Bull go from real easy to real hard.  We can even
take over the controls and make that bull buck and spin however we want it to!  

Of course we know you got questions Atlanta,
so here are the answers!

1.  Are Atlanta Mechanical Bull Rentals safe?
Why yes they are!

Why our Mechanical Bull has so many safety features, you ain't got a worry in the world!  For
starters, our bull has a soft foam head and soft foam horns. There's also padding surrounding
all the stuff that makes the bull move. There's a huge inflatable mattress all around the
Mechanical Bull to make sure that anyone fallin' off the bull lands on a nice soft surface
to cushion their fall.
Why there's even an immediate stop switch on the control panel to stop the bull automatically
when someone is a fallin' off.  And of course we only let our trained Mechanical Bull operator
run this here bull to make sure and keep'm under full control just like you like it!  

2.  Can anyone ride the Atlanta Mechanical Bull Rental?
Why jest about anyone can!

Our Mechanical Bull operator can make that bull go however you want'm to.
Sometimes we git cowpokes, gentle ladies, or even a senior cowboy or cowgirl that just wants
to ride but ain't interested in fallin' off.  We got our Mechanical Bull tamed to do just that!  With
10 preset settings, we can make our Mechanical Bull ride real easy for those greenhorn easy
riders.  And we also know just how to push this bull's buttons to make him buck and spin those
professional rodeo cowboys right off his back!

3. Where can I set up an Atlanta Mechanical Bull Rental?
Why jest about anywhere!

We can set up our Atlanta Mechanical Bull rental outside or inside.  It don't matter if it's on
grass or concrete as long as we have a space about 18' x 18' with a 10' high clearance.  (The
air mattress is 16' x 16' and we don't want it rubbin' up against anything.)  A course it needs to
be a pretty flat surface though.  Our Mechanical Bull Rental will even fit through 30" doorways!
This here Mechanical Bull needs to have 2 separate dedicated 20 amp circuits within 100 feet
of where he's gonna be buckin'.  One's for the Mechanical Bull Control box and it cannot be
on a GFI outlet or plugged into a gas generator 'cause the voltage from them fluctuates and
the control box won't work that way. The other one's for his inflatable air mattress.  If you don't
have that, then call us and tell us about yer situation, so we can figure out how to get power.

4. Is yer Mechanical Bull Rental Company insured?
You bet yer boots we are!

Action Packed Parties LLC is fully insured and meets all necessary certifications to be in
operation.  Our Mechanical Bull Operators are fully trained keeping your safety a priority!  So
don't take it the wrong way if the operator can't talk to other people while he's a runnin' the
bull.  He's just makin' sure he's a keepin' his eye on that rider.  We jest want you to have the
safest, most awesome Mechanical Bull Ride ya ever could have!

Ride that Bull Boy!
Atlanta Boyscouts love to ride mechanical bulls too!
Mechanical Bull in action!
Mechanical Bull Rentals Atlanta Ga
Way to tame that bull!
No Mechanical Bull is a match for her!
These here outlaw cowboys
are known in these parts as
and they just love ridin'
our Mechanical Bull!

Now there ain't no one in town
that can beat these ol' boys.

Do you think yer cowboy enough
to take'm on?

Rent our Mechanical Bull and see if you can
beat that 8 second ride!
shooting gallery

For all you BULLDOG FANS!

We can replace the Bull
with a what?  a BULL... DOG!

Ride off of the year!

Dual Mechanical Bulls
(Bulls, Bulldog, and Air Mattresses
look like the pictures above)

Are you ready for some
real competition?
Each bull is connected
to the same control box,
so they do the EXACT same moves!

Last one riding is the winner!
We can either have Bull vs. Bull or Bull vs. Bulldog
Blue Lagoon Log Jump

4 People can play at one time!
Each person stands on a pedestal "stump"
Here comes the "log" bucking and spinning around,
When it gets to you, you better duck or jump!
SPACE NEEDED: 20’L x 20’W x 8’H
SPACE NEEDED: 20’L x 36’W x 8’H
SPACE NEEDED: 22’L x 22’W x 8’H
15’L x 12’W x 12’H
Mechanical Bulldog Rental

Festival Rentals
Please Call For Pricing

Festival Rentals
Please Call For Pricing
Please Call For Pricing

Festival Rentals
Bazooka Ball Shootout
Delivered and Picked up the SAME Day.
For Multiple days,
Add $125.00 for each additional day
No Customer Pick Up
Mechanical Bull
or Bulldog
(some conditions may apply)
Dual Mechanical Bull
(2 Bulls or 1 Bull and 1 Bulldog)
(some conditions may apply)
Blue Lagoon Log Jump
(some conditions may apply)
Mechanical Bull and Log Jump
All Prices are + tax.
Delivery means delivered and picked up the
SAME DAY (Call for delivery times and delivery areas available).
For even more savings, Do-it-Yourself! Pick up from and return your items to our warehouse in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County.
Save a lot of Bucks with Customer Pick Ups -- get lower prices and keep your rented items for the whole weekend! Friday to Monday!
(Some items not available for customer pick up, but depending on the season and availability, we may be able to do it anyway. So give us a call!)
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New Race to the Top Inflatable Rental
All of our rides are
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and inspected yearly
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All prices are + tax.
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